Remedial Works

QES is competent and experienced to carry out an extensive range of refurbishment and remedial work. The below is an overview, but please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Flexible Polypropylene Tank Lining System

Quality Environmental Services specialise in the refurbishment of cold water storage tanks. The flexible polypropylene lining system is installed in hundreds of water tanks throughout the UK. The FP system has many advantages over existing tank refurbishment methods; however, the main advantage is the installation time.

Replacement of Water Storage Tanks

Quality Environmental Services provides a complete tank replacement service, from small (45 litre) polypropylene storage vessels to large sectional storage vessels (>10,000 litres).

Sectional tanks can be constructed from small 500mm x 500mm panels where access is particularly restricted, or 1000mm x 1000mm where better access is permitted.

Temporary tanks can be installed to maintain water supplies whilst main replacements are carried out, thus minimising disruption to site users.

Refurbishment of Existing Water Storage Vessels

Quality Environmental Services provides a complete tank refurbishment service inclusive of:

  • Insulation of Water Tank
  • Supply and Installation of New Secure Lid
  • Secure Existing Lid
  • Supply and Installation of Screen Vent To Vessel Lid
  • Pipework Alteration (to reduce stagnation)
  • Re-piping of expansion pipework to atmosphere via a tundish
  • Moving Expansion Pipe to Tundish
  • Removal of Deadleg Pipework
  • Supply and Installation of Insect Screen To Overflow
  • Supply and Installation of Vessel Drain Valves
  • Balancing of Water Storage Vessels (to ensure even flow)
  • Supply and Installation of Warning Pipe With Insect Screen

Refurbishment of Hot Water Calorifiers

Quality Environmental Services provides a complete calorifier refurbishment service inclusive of:

  • Replacement of existing domestic hot water vessels
  • Replacement of domestic hot water calorifiers with smaller volume heaters
  • Installation of temperature gauges to flow and return pipework
  • Repair, replacement or installation of base drain valves
  • Installation of timer-controlled destratification/shunt pumps

Our other services include:

  • Installation of flow through expansion vessels to replace single entry expansion vessels
  • Installation of "anti-Legionella" valve to single entry expansion vessels which convert a standard single connection expansion vessel into a 'flow through' type
  • Dead Leg Removal - Any low use points and dead legs should be identified and removed back to source if possible
  • Pipework insulation
  • Servicing and fail safe testing of TMVs
  • Annual Servicing of RPZ valves