Cleaning & Chlorination Services

QES offers a wide range of high quality cleaning services to HSE ACoP L8 as part of our comprehensive Water Hygiene Management Programme.

Clean and Chlorination of Water Storage Vessels

Quality Environmental Services can undertake the clean and chlorination of all forms of water storage tanks, ranging from a small one piece polypropylene storage tanks through larger sectional vessels to underground reservoirs. QES can offer use of the following chemicals in completion of required chlorination works:

  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Clean and Chlorination of Hot & Cold Water Services (BS 8558)

Quality Environmental Services can undertake the chlorination of domestic hot and cold water systems; this can be by way of a routine chlorination or after a tank or pipework installation.

We can also undertake the chlorination of mains fed water systems by way of direct injection.

QES use both Chlorine Dioxide and Sodium Hypochlorite as required.

Calorifier Cleaning/Disinfection

HSG 274 (part 2) recommends annual internal inspection of domestic hot water calorifiers (Table 2.1, page 31);

Inspect calorifier internally by removing the inspection hatch or using a boroscope and clean by draining the vessel. The frequency of inspection and cleaning should be subject to the findings and increased or decreased based on conditions recorded.

Showerhead Cleaning, Descaling & Disinfection

HSG 274 (part 2) recommends that showerheads and spray taps should be treated quarterly or as indicated by the rate of fouling or other risk factors:

Dismantle, clean and descale removable parts, heads, inserts and hoses where fitted.

Pre-Commission Cleaning

New heating and chilled water pipework systems require the removal of contaminate debris such as milli-scale, jointing compounds and building debris. These contaminants could increase the risk of blockage at strainers and small bore control valves

Advances in modern day systems have made the process of pre-commission cleaning an essential procedure to facilitate maximum plant efficiency.

Quality Environmental Services can undertake specialist chemical cleaning (where required), biocide washes (where required), flushing and system inhibition of all closed pipework systems.