Legionella Software

We use highly advanced aquaAdept legionella control software system for all of our water hygiene monitoring contracts.

aquaAdept is a powerful web-based software application designed to vastly simplify the task of controlling and managing a water asset testing regime for the prevention of Legionnaires' disease.

How aquaAdept Works

Key Benefits

  • It is a full electronic logbook that proves that a properly managed water management regime is in place and has a full audit trail of every action done within the system.
  • The system automatically schedules or reminds of all work to be done and ensures that no tests or checks are missed. The system can also be configured to send out daily or immediate non-conformance alerts to key personnel.
  • aquaAdept allows mobile engineers' workload to be scheduled dynamically for optimum efficiency and productivity.
  • There is the option for real time capture of test and check results via mobile hand held devices.
  • aquaAdept removes the need to maintain large amounts of paper and/or Excel records, and obviates the human error factor that goes with manual methods of working.
  • aquaAdept saves many man hours and cuts costs.
  • There is a comprehensive suite of management reports to ensure those responsible can measure and manage their own performance - and that of their sub contractors - simply and easily.
  • aquaAdept offers completely fully comprehensive and paper-free compliance with ACoP L8 - in both the letter and the sprit of the guidance.