Water Droplets Air Hygiene Legionella Software

Water Hygiene

We specialise in the detection & prevention of Legionella in water systems and offer a full monitoring & risk assessment service

Air Hygiene

Our highly qualified engineers deliver a full range of air quality monitoring & remedial work options for air service systems

Legionella Software

We use aquaAdept L8 management software to vastly simplify the control & management of water testing regimes

Proper control measures in buildings such as air quality monitoring and testing can help remove potential health risks to occupants and additional costs to building owners and managers.
We offer a wide range of services related to water treatment, water testing & analysis including Risk Assessments, Training, Analysis & Sampling, Treatment Regimes, Certification, and trouble shooting.
Site-specific examinations of the entire water system to identify if there are any parts of the system that might support the growth of Legionella bacteria and therefore present a risk to building users.
We use the aquaAdept Legionella Management system to ensure all of our water contracts are managed in the most efficient way, helping us deliver what we promised on time every time.